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Chim Apela Sa B čnna!

(I need your help!)

Putting the Choctaw Bible online is a huge task! Never mind that I'm also putting the dictionary online, among other things! If you can help with anything on this page, the job will get done so much faster! The faster it's done, the sooner it will be useful, and the sooner people use it, the sooner we can begin reversing the horrible trend of language loss among the Choctaw people! Chahta pia! Ikbi kil ia!

Below are some things you can help with:


Record Some Audio

RhinoSpike is a special website that allows me to post requests for audio I need. You can either record yourself through their website, or simply upload an audio file that you have recorded elsewhere (on your computer or smartphone, for example). Here is my audio request list. I need some short ones (dictionary entries) and some long ones (chapters from the Bible).

As you can see on the bottom of this page, I would like to give full credit to my contributors. If you would like, I will also link your name to your personal website, your church's website, or a Facebook/Google+ page or something like that.

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Read Some Stuff

Audio not your thing? Why not simply read through the stuff on the website and report any improvements that need to be made? I would really love someone to read the Bible and look for errors I may have missed, but you could also check dictionary entries. Email me and I will assign you a specific task, so we aren't duplicating efforts unnecessarily. Let me know if you have a preference.

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I have created a crowdfunding page for what I call the Choctaw Language Preservation Project. It takes a lot of time to create and maintain a website of this size and importance, and, as they say: "Time is money." I have had the time to do what you see because I am currently unemployed, but I have done much of it over the past few years, in my free time from work and other duties. If we can fund this project, I can stay at home for a little while and work on it full-time, which would be awesome! I want to see this thing get done, don't you?

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Church Sponsorship

Would your church group like to help this project succeed? Why not consider a sponsorship? Sponsors simply work together in a group to help accomplish the tasks listed above. That's it! Call your pastor, tell him about the project, and show him the website. Then, invite the members of your congregation to help us by recording, reading, or donating! I'll love you forever, and to show my gratitude, I'll post a banner on the website that links to your church's website! I'll even create it for you. It'll be awesome!

In the future, I will be posting the Choctaw Hymn Book. For the benefit of those Choctaws who live around the world, I would love to post audio or videos of people (individuals or groups) singing the hymns, so that people can learn them. If your church would like to sponsor this, email me.

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