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Ikh čna Apela Kucha

(External Learning Resources)

There are a few other places around the internet where you can learn about Choctaw language and culture, and I have linked to them here. I created some of these, but I have no affiliation whatsoever with the creators of the others. They are only posted here because you might find them useful. If you know anything else that should be posted here, please email me.

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Online Videos

I have created some YouTube playlists on Choctaw language and culture, and you can find them here.

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Computer Keyboard

Typing in Choctaw

Want to type Choctaw characters on your computer? Here's a video I made on Installing Choctaw Virtual Keyboards, and one for Mac users on How to Use Them. Click on this link to go to the website from the first video, where the keyboards can be obtained.

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Playing Card

Flashcards/Study Systems

Wanna study flashcards to help you learn and remember Choctaw words and phrases? You're in luck! I have created several things for you.

Quizlet - The Quizlet website has flashcards, tests, games, and all kinds of stuff to help you learn whatever language you choose to study. You can find my Choctaw sets on Quizlet here, and you can join my Choctaw class here. I'll see you there! Note: This is currently the place for all new sets I create. Excellent resource for homeschoolers!

Cabra - Cabra is simply a flashcard application for your smartphone or tablet (get it here), or you can use it on the web (here). Some of the Choctaw sets I have created are available here. Note: Uploading more sets to this site is currently a low priority.

Other Stuff - I am in the process of creating and releasing a flashcard game / study system both for studying individual words and learning how to construct Choctaw noun phrases! Please email me if you are interested! Your support will make this a higher priority.

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Community Classes

Attend a physical class in your area! Benefits include one-on-one support and opportunities to meet new people who are also interested in learning Choctaw!

Oklahoma/All Areas - Sponsored by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Please see this page for a listing of locations and times in many cities.

Oklahoma/Tulsa - A group called "Chahta Nation of Oklahoma" meets every Monday night at the Creek Community Center on South Union from 7-9pm. Potluck dinner on the first Monday of the month, bring snacks to share with 20 people on other nights. Teacher: Beri Gipson. Cost: Free to attend, some expenses required for books and materials. Who can attend: Anyone, all ages. This group has been meeting since the late 90's. View their Facebook page here. For more information, call Bill Hoover: (918) 645-2299. Directions: 1/2 mile west of the Tulsa Hills shopping center and 1/2 mile south. Look for the big sign that says "Tulsa Creek Community Center."

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Online Classes

Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna - This is the official School of Choctaw Language sponsored by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Time: Morning and early afternoon, Central Time, USA. See website for actual times. Teacher: Lillie Roberts. Cost: Free to attend, some expenses required for books and materials. Who can attend: No age specified; must be able to read the textbook, operate the computer, and use a proprietary website.

Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna also has a Lessons section, where you can download worksheets, listen to a few audio clips, and get lessons emailed to you, without attending the online class.

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Tablet Computer with Books

Online Texts

Biskinik Newspaper Archive - Read the official tribal newspaper, with issues all the way back to 2001. Many articles about modern events and traditional ways.

CHOCTAW HISTORY, LIFE & CULTURE - This section of Mike Boucher's Web Page contains information from many old sources, including issues of Biskinik from 1980 and possibly earlier! Lots of great stuff!

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Facebook on a Computer Screen

Other Cool Stuff

Facebook - Connect with us on Facebook, and meet others who are interested in learning Choctaw!

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