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Chahta Anumpa Ikhʋna
Chahta Chukka was created to provide Choctaws all over the world with access to important texts in the Choctaw language. These can be used to teach the Choctaw language to our people, especially our children. Our language is in danger of disappearing, but this can be reversed if we learn it and teach it to the next generation!

The most important parts of Chahta Chukka are the Bible and the dictionary: the dictionary because it gives the definitions, examples, and audio for each word, and the Bible because it is used by the dictionary to provide examples of word useage.

Chim Apela Sa Bʋnna
Chahta Chukka was created by, and is run by, just one person. So, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, and will help everyone who uses the site! See a mistake on a page that looks otherwise finished? Please tell me about it. Want to volunteer? See this page for a list of things I need help with.

Make sure to also visit the Choctaw Language Preservation Project crowdfunding page for more information about me and the project.

Himona ilʋppa ikbi li!
This site is currently under construction; its usefulness will increase as I am able to work on it. Be aware that you are seeing this site exactly as I see it as I work on it. Therefore, many of the Bible pages have spelling that needs correcting, and there are only a few dictionary entries, etc. If you would like to help me get this site out of "construction" phase, help me out! Every little bit counts! Yakoke!


Lessons for Beginners

Original Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Multimedia image, courtesy of Alessandro Rei (Find Icons).

Ikhʋna Apela Kucha

(External Learning Resources)


A Dictionary of the Choctaw Language by Cyrus Byington, 1909.


Pin Chitokaka Pi Okchalinchi Chisʋs Klaist
In Testament Himona
Chahta Anumpa Atoshowa Hoke

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated into the Choctaw Language, 1881


Chahta Holisso Ai Isht Ia Ʋmmona

The Choctaw Spelling Book, 1849